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Lesson 13 Grocery Shopping

Charles is going to the supermarket.

Charles is looking in his refrigerator. A refrigerator is often called a ‘fridge’ for short. People put things that need to stay cold in the refrigerator. Things that need to be frozen are put in the freezer. Charles has to go to the supermarket today so he is making a shopping list. People usually make a list of things to buy before they go to the store. If you make a list then you won’t forget what to buy.

It has been a week since Charles went to the supermarket. There are only a few things in his refrigerator. There is a little milk and a little juice. There are a few eggs and a few apples. There is some cheese and some pasta noodles. There are a lot of onions and tomatoes but only one green pepper. There isn’t any lettuce or garlic. There isn’t any butter or bread either.

Charles is making dinner. He will start with a salad and then have spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread for the main course. For dessert, he’s making his famous apple pie with vanilla ice cream. His wife is excited because she doesn’t have to cook tonight. She is helping him make a list for the supermarket.

Dialogue: Charles and his wife are making a list for the supermarket.

Charles: Ok honey, what do I need to buy?

Nancy: Well, do we have enough noodles?

Charles: We have some noodles but not enough.

Nancy: How about tomato sauce?

Charles: I don’t see any tomato sauce.

Nancy: Are there any onions?

Charles: Yes, we have a lot of onions.

Nancy: Do we need any tomatoes or garlic?

Charles: There are a lot of tomatoes but there isn’t any garlic.

Nancy: Are you making a salad?

Charles: Yes I am, but there isn’t any lettuce.

Nancy: Are there any apples for the pie?

Charles: There are a few apples. Maybe I’ll buy a couple more.

Nancy: Did you look in the freezer for ice cream?

Charles: There isn’t any vanilla but there is some chocolate ice cream.

Nancy: You should get vanilla ice cream. It goes best with apple pie.

Charles: So, I need some noodles, a can of tomato sauce, some garlic, a head of lettuce and a few apples. Is that everything?

Nancy: Don’t forget bread and ice cream.

Charles: That’s right, a carton of vanilla ice cream and a loaf of bread.

Nancy: One more thing. Don’t forget your list.

Charles: Thanks for reminding me. Bye.


1. What is Charles doing?

2. Where is he going to go?

3. Why is he making a list?

4. Are there any oranges in his refrigerator?

5. Is there any bread?

6. Is there a lot of milk?

7. What is Charles making for dinner?

8. Is he making spaghetti?

9. What does Charles have to buy at the supermarket?

10. Will he buy any apples?

11. Will he buy a carton of ice cream?

12. What kind of ice cream will he buy?

13. How much bread will he buy?

14. What is Charles making for dessert?

15. What did Charles almost forget?

Activity:  Grocery Charts

What is in your refrigerator right now? What is in your classmate’s refrigerator right now?

Your refrigerator

Your classmate’s

Cooking: Make a list of the things you would need for the following meals.

Green Salad

with Corn Soup

Shrimp Fried Rice

Chicken Sandwich

Spaghetti with Garlic Bread

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you like to cook? Are you a good cook?

2. What is your favorite meal; breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

3. What is something that you always keep in your refrigerator?

4. What color is you refrigerator?

5. Do you often eat bread?

6. Do you usually eat everything in your fridge or do you throw a lot away?

7. Do you ever use mustard? Ketchup? Mayonnaise?

8. How often do you go to the supermarket? Outdoor market? Night market?

9. Do you ever make a shopping list? Why?

10. Do you put milk in the freezer or the refrigerator?

11. What kind of food do you keep in the freezer?

12. What do you keep in the crisper drawer?

13. Why do we need to keep food cold?

14. Have you ever smelled spoiled food? How does it smell?

15. How often do you clean out your fridge?

Grammar Focus.

Choose the correct word to finish the sentence:

1. There is (some / a few) ice cream.

2. Can I have (some / a few) bread?

3. There are (a little / few) apples.

4. Is there (a lot / some) of milk?

5. There is (some / a few) milk.

6. Charles has (a little / a few) apples.

7. I want (some / a few) juice.

8. She wants (a lot of / a few) soup.

Correct the mistake in each sentence.

1. How many tomato sauce is there?

2. Are there much apple juice?

3. There isn’t some bacon.

4. Are there any bread?

5. Does she have much sandwiches?

6. Would you like some a soup?

7. There is a few ice cream.

8. There isn’t some butter.

9. Do we have many coffee?

10. There isn’t some cheese.

11. I think I ate too many cake.

12. I don’t drink many coffee.


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