ESL Vocabulary

Free, printable ESL vocabulary lists and worksheets, arranged by topic. Most of these lists are suitable for intermediate or higher level ESL/EFL students.

Travel and Vacation Vocabulary

Buying Tickets (list + worksheet)

In the Airport (list + worksheet)

On the Plane (list + worksheet)

Arrival (list + worksheet)

Accommodation (list + worksheet)



Law and Justice Vocabulary

People in the Court (list + worksheet)

Legal Proceedings (list + worksheet)

The Verdict (list + worksheet)

Crimes (list + worksheet)


Government Vocabulary

People in the Government (list + worksheet)

Three Branches of Government (list + worksheet)

Types of Government Systems (list only)

Democracy and Elections (list + worksheet)

The Governing Process (list + worksheet)


News and Media Vocabulary

Types of Media (list only)

News and Journalism (list + worksheet)


Traffic Vocabulary

Driving and Traffic (list + worksheet)

Traffic Accidents (list + worksheet)


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(More) Free Vocabulary Lists and Worksheets


The additional FREE vocabulary lists and worksheets below are somewhat random and were developed based on the vocabulary words encountered by certain intermediate/advanced classes. Due to the randomness of these lists, they may be especially useful for teaching new vocabulary to private students or as supplemental worksheets and quizzes for larger classes.


Most of these handouts and worksheets are suitable for advanced or high-intermediate students.


Advanced Vocab Lists (with definitions)
These handouts include definitions and examples of each vocabulary word, followed by a review fill-in-the-blank worksheet

Advanced Vocab List 1 - includes the words: line up, what's all the fuss about, rude awakening, transform, spontaneous, switch, millenium, disturbing (list + worksheet)

Advanced Vocab List 2 - includes the words: merge/merger, acquire/acquisition, sneaking feeling, insight, undermine, such as, besides, moreover, furthermore, in addition, last but not least (list + worksheet)


Advanced Vocab List 3 - includes the words: unique, haphazard, capture, authentic/authenticity, relatively, trendy, abundant, plentiful (list + worksheet)


Advanced Vocab List 4 - includes the words: diverse/diversity, complacent, affluent, riot, essential, harsh, flourshing (list + worksheet)


Advanced Vocab List 5 - includes the words: distinct/distinction/distinguish/set apart from, conduct, sentiment, cozy, observe, discourse (list + worksheet)


Advanced Vocab List 6 - includes the words: keep an eye on, merely, no rhyme or reaon, reluctant, drain, pitiful (list only)


Advanced Vocab Lists (without definitions)
These handouts are simply fill-in-the-blank worksheets. To use these, you can have students look up each word in the dictionary, then find which sentence each word belongs in.


Advanced Vocab List 7 - includes the words: extend, authentic, intended to, immoral, originate, latter, adversely, solely, commence, modify, expedite, consume, duplicate, procedure, troops, invade, compromise, concept, humid, isolated, unconventional, ambition, entrepreneur, qualifications, lucrative, distribution, persistent, motivation, incapable of


Advanced Vocab List 8 - includes the words: in the event of, extracurricular, resourceful, hindsight, adapt, potent, insecure, thoroughly, indefinitely, stability, enforce, chant, inhabitant, ritual, taboo, dispel, redundant, contribute, expand, reassure, essential, hazardous, indicate, delicate, quadruple, attention span, jeopardize, significance, vital, underway


Advanced Vocab List 9 - includes the words: crew, spontaneous, precise(ly), adequate(ly), summit, altitude, bold, convey, conquer, ailment, improvisation, obituary, frostbite, diarrhead, conventional, stands for, ascend, ascent, descend, descent

Advanced Vocab List 10 - includes the words: rampant, anticipate, ovation, exception, corruption, renowned, abandon, harsh, outdated, precautions, determination, intrigue, overwhelming(ly), explicit, deliberate(ly), prolific, reveal, ambiguous, devastate, pursuit

Advanced Vocab List 11 - includes the words: rampant, corruption, comprehensive, overwhelming(ly), profitable, anticipate, consistent(ly), alliance, initiate, preferably, objective, negotiate, preferential, potential, revolutionize

Advanced Vocab List 12 - includes the words: allege, coverage, sensationalism, scrutiny, humiliate, devastate, steadily, dramatically, subject to, rectify, disregard, disrupt, compensate, penalty, provided that, suspect, charge, convicted, acquitted, exaggerate

Advanced Vocab List 13 - includes the words: prolonged, disorder, symptoms, tariffs, conceited, substantial, straightforward, hesitate, revolutionize, adverse(ly), faculty, insomnia, sought, approximately, yearn for, tormented, sordid, abandon, poverty, polish

Advanced Vocab List 14 - includes the words: perseverance, phenomenon, variations, lyrics, mobility, tremendous, institute (v.), vibrate, initially, facilitate, investors, cautious, amateur, competent, handicapped, caution

Advanced Vocab List 15 - includes the words: conventional, autopsy, ailment, spokesman, alternative, diabetes, abuse, doze off, jury, hypnosis, neglect, stand trial, attorney, prosecutor, defense attorney, felony

Advanced Vocab List 16 - includes the words: initiate, overwhelming, elusive, primitive, trickle, disoriented, vast, draft, smother, harsh, greedy, sweltering

Advanced Vocab List 17 - includes the words: restore, clogged, compliment, incorporate, overly, cope, sprawl, pedestrian, master's, conscious, sustainable, major

Advanced Vocab List 18 - includes the words: address (v.), motto, by no means, contain, cope, perm, coordination, condense, spontaneously, worship, collide, smash

Advanced Vocab List 19 - includes the words: primarily, determined, salsa, devote, contradiction, incentive, fulfill, auction, criteria, indignant, orphan, ruthless, loathe, out of the blue, break it in

Advanced Vocab List 20 - includes the words: ensure, outdated, obsolete, bully, devote, contradict, incentive, emerge, debatable, auction, criteria, assess, indignant, mainstream, ruthless, isolated, loathe, alternative, peer pressure, marginal

Advanced Vocab List 21 - includes the words: fund, trespass, property, confined, mimic, qualify, content (adj.), content (n.), devote, feasible, qualified, assess, progressively, discipline, remainder, criteria

Advanced Vocab List 22 - includes the words: anticipate, materialize, patriotic, ostentatious, access, nostalgic, conceal, claim, sustainable, confront, virtue, accustomed, impressed, juvenile, cuisine

Advanced Vocab List 23 - includes the words: perspective, despair, currency, newsworthy, lethal, prescribe, inconsequential, barrage, prescription, repetitive, immobilized, activists, bias, remedy, distract




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