ESL Phrasal Verbs


Each of the ESL phrasal verbs worksheets below introduces several phrasal verbs, followed by review exercises to practice using them in context. Perfect for intermediate/advanced students, and especially useful for private one-on-one classes! If you like these FREE worksheets, you can also download the entire book, with many more worksheets just like these, for only $9.99! (More information below.)


ESL Phrasal Verbs with "make"
(make up, make out, make do, make (A) into (B), make over, make off)

ESL Phrasal Verbs with "stick"
(stick around, stick by/stick with, stick out, stick up, stick together)

ESL Phrasal Verbs with "pull"
(pull ahead, pull for, pull off, pull over, pull up, pull yourself together)

Review of "make", "stick", and "pull" phrasal verbs (Printable Quiz)



(fall back on, fall behind, fall for, fall into, fall off, fall through)

ESL Phrasal Verbs with "hold"
(hold against, hold down, hold on, hold out, hold up)

ESL Phrasal Verbs with "live"
(live down, live it up, live off/live on, live up to, live with)

Review of "fall", "hold", and "live" phrasal verbs (Printable Quiz)


ESL Phrasal Verbs with "take"
(take after, take aside, take down, take it out on, take over, take up)

ESL Phrasal Verbs with "put"
(put down, put off, put out, put up, put up with)

ESL Phrasal Verbs with "give"
(give away, give in, give it up for, give out)

Review of "take", "put", and "give" phrasal verbs (Printable Quiz)


Mixed Phrasal Verbs
(call off, cheer up, cut out, do over, drop by/stop by, drop out)

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