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Fill in the blanks with a vocabulary word in the box below.


travel agent

travel agency




tour group

package deal


go sightseeing

tourist sites


1. I always fly with the same ______________ because they give me frequent flyer miles*.

2. The _______________ from China to the US is almost 12 hours long.

3. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous _______________ in France.

4. Melissa went to Europe in a _______________ because she likes to travel with many people.

5. Your travel agent can help you _______________ a flight and a hotel.

6. A flight around the world for only $100!! What a great __________!!

7. Rita is very _______________, so I don’t think she will join a tour group.

8. My uncle James helps people arrange their vacations. He works for a ______________.

9. When I go on vacation, I like to stay in the hotel, but my parents prefer to _______________.

10. The travel agency has a _______________: if you book the flight and hotel together, you can save 25%!

11. I know a good _______________ who can help you book a cheap flight.

12. Your travel agent can help you _______________ a suitable vacation.

*”Frequent flyer miles” are like “points” that airlines give to their customers. You can use the “miles” to get free tickets.



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