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Transitions – Review Worksheet

Read the story below, and fill in the blanks with a suitable transition word. Don’t use the same transition word twice!


Pollution Solution


For many years, human beings and business have been polluting the air and water around us. _______________, the world has become a very polluted place, and global warming threatens our ability to survive on this planet. _______________, we can still change this and protect our future. _______________ we have already polluted the earth too much, there are several things that we can do to stop global warming.

First, it is important to recycle the things that we use. _______________ recycling requires our time and energy, it is necessary to save the earth’s resources. In addition, we should drive more environmentally-friendly vehicles. Many larger cars and trucks cause a lot of pollution; _______________, driving smaller, more efficient cars can help reduce pollution and stop global warming. Finally, we should ask our government representatives to pass laws that force businesses to stop polluting. Many businesses find it cheaper to pollute than to take care of the environment. _______________, the biggest kind of pollution can be called “industrial pollution.”

Pollution is caused by both people and businesses. _______________, it is important that everyone works together to make our environment a better, healthier place. _______________ global warming is a very real and dangerous threat to life on this planet, we can still save the earth and provide a safe and happy future for our children and grandchildren.


Problem/Solution Essay


The previous essay is considered a “Problem/Solution” essay, because it presents a problem, then provides various solutions. This is the format:


  • Introduction: What is the problem?
  • Body: What are some solutions to this problem? (Give details and several examples.)
  • Conclusion: “Wrap up” your essay – write a short summary of what you have said.


Using this same format, write your own Problem/Solution essay. Remember to use transition words throughout your essay. (However, Even So, Nevertheless, As a result, Consequently, Thus, Therefore, Due to, Regardless of, Although, Despite, In spite of, etc.)


You can choose from these topics (or choose your own topic):


Problem: Obesity

Problem: Poverty

Problem: World Hunger

Problem: War

Problem: Boredom

Problem: Traffic Accidents

Problem: Depression

Problem: Low Test Scores

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