ESL Writing

Sample Essay "A Funny Story"

In this ESL writing lesson, students are presented with a sample essay, "A Funny Story". After reading this essay, students can try to write their own essay about a funny story that happened to them in the past.


A Funny Story


Last week something really funny happened. It was Saturday morning, and my sister and I were getting ready to go to the grocery store with my mother. When we were almost ready, my mother suddenly stopped.

“Oh no!” she said.

“What?” I asked her.

“I can’t find my keys! Where are my keys?” she yelled.

My mother looked very worried. She thought she had lost her keys, and she was worried that my dad might get angry. She started running around the house, looking for her keys.

“Mom!” I said.

“Not now!” she said, running around the house. “I need to find the keys!”

“Uh, Mom!” I said again.

“What!?” she stopped and looked at me with an angry face.

“Your keys are in your hand!” I said.

My mother looked in her hand, and there they were. She was holding they keys the whole time. My mother looked very embarrassed, and my sister and I couldn’t stop laughing!






Circle any words that you don’t know, and look them up in a dictionary



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