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Introduction to the Transition "Regardless of"

This ESL writing exercise introduces students to the correct usage of "Regardless of". After reading the sample sentences, students practice rewriting several sentences using this transition.

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Regardless of

Sentence Pattern:
Regardless of [noun/phrase], [sentence]
[sentence], regardless of [noun/phrase]

**Note: When you say “Regardless of [something]” it means that you don’t care about [something], or that [something] will not affect your behavior.



· Regardless of the heat, Jed will run in the marathon tomorrow.

· Jed will run in the marathon tomorrow regardless of the heat.

· I will try any food, regardless of the taste.

· Regardless of the dangers, Jake plans to climb that mountain in the rain.

· My boyfriend does whatever he wants regardless of my feelings.

· My boss needs to decide who he will hire for the Vice President position. Regardless of his decision, I’m sure this company will continue to be successful.



Rewrite each of the following sentences using “regardless of”. (This first one is done for you.)



1. The final result of this tennis match is not important. Both players played very well.

Regardless of the result of this tennis match, both players should be proud.     



2. My mom will buy me any bicycle that I want. She said she doesn’t care about the price.





3. Anyone can attend this class. Age doesn’t matter.





4. I like all dogs – little dogs, big dogs, etc. – I don’t care about their size.





5. Everyone should be treated equally. It shouldn’t matter what race or religion they are.





6. Jack’s parents want him to study law. They don’t care that his dream is to study art.





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