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("Because of" vs. "Despite")

This ESL writing exercise gives students a chance to practice using "because of" and "despite" in their correct contexts by filling in the blanks with the most appropriate one.

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Because of (Due to / Owing to) vs. Despite


Because of and Despite have almost opposite meanings.






· Because of the rain, I didn’t walk to work.

· Despite the rain, I walked to work.



· Due to the terrible pollution, I don’t want to live in the city.

· Despite the terrible pollution, I like to live in the city.



· Despite the high price, Rex bought the Ferrari.

· Because of the high price, Rex didn't buy the Ferrari.



Read the sentences below. Write “Despite” or “Because of” in the blanks. Read the whole sentence and decide which one makes the most sense.




1. ____________ her poor health, my grandmother is very happy person.


2. ____________ his learning disability, Andrew has to take special classes.


3. ____________ the heat, many people stay inside in the air conditioning in the afternoon.


4. ____________ his learning disability, Andrew gets very good grades.


5. ____________ his poor health, my uncle could not come to my birthday party.


6. ____________ the tornado, many people lost their houses.


7. ____________ his wealth, Marvin lives a very normal life and doesn’t buy expensive things.


8. ____________ her husband’s success, Mary lives a very comfortable life.


9. ____________ the medicine I am taking, I should not drive a car right now.


10. ____________ his good scores on English tests, Eric cannot speak very fluently.


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