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Sentence Pattern: Although / Even though

In this ESL writing worksheets, students are introduced to the correct usage of "although/even though" and can practice using these words correctly in various sentences.


Sentence Pattern


Although/Even though



Even though I studied hard, I did not pass the test.

Although my phone was expensive, I think it was worth it.

Although she is overweight, she is not unhealthy.

Even though she eats healthy food, Jane often gets sick.

Even though my boyfriend makes me angry, I still love him.




Rewrite these sentences, using “although” or “even though” (the first one is done for you):


1. I’m sick, but I will still go to work.


Even though I’m sick, I will still go to work.



2. It’s hot outside, but I still want to go jogging.





3. Learning English is hard, but I enjoy it.





4. Jack is a vegetarian, but he sometimes eats fish.





5. I like the weekends, but I like going to school too.







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