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Body of a Paragraph - Review

In this ESL writing worksheet, students must read paragraphs and cross out the sentences that do not belong in the body of the paragraphs.

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Body of a Paragraph: Review


In the body of a paragraph, you need to make sure that every sentence relates to the topic sentence. This means that every sentence should be about the topic sentence.

Read the paragraphs below. In each paragraph, there are two sentences that do not relate to the topic sentence. Cross out these sentences. (See page 76 for answers.)


PARAGRAPH 1: My Favorite Hobby: Reading Books

Books are like windows to the world, and that is why reading is my favorite hobby. I first fell in love with books at the age of 5, when I was first learning to read. My mother gave me the book Green Eggs and Ham and helped me read it. She bought this book at a grocery store. As I grew older, I discovered famous authors and different kinds of stories. Recently, I read all of the Harry Potter books, and these are now my favorite books. The Harry Potter movies are very good, too. When I go to college, I hope to major in literature and continue exploring the wonderful world of books.



PARAGRAPH 2: The Most Important Modern Invention: The Computer

The computer is the most important modern invention because it has changed how we live. In the past, students often went to the library to do research, but now, most research is done on a computer using the internet. There is a library near my house, but I don’t go there very often. Also, computers have changed how people communicate. People write emails instead of letters, and with the invention of services like Skype, telephones may one day be replaced by computers. I can use my telephone to go on the internet and check my email. Finally, computers have made travelling much easier; we can buy airplane tickets using a computer, and GPS technology makes it easier to reach our destination. In sum, the invention of the computer has given us new possibilities and conveniences which now seem hard to live without.



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