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Introduction to the Body of a Paragraph

In this ESL writing worksheet, students learn about the body of a paragraph. Several topic sentences are presented, and students can fill in details that would comprise the body of the paragraph.

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Introduction to the Body of a Paragraph


After you write a topic sentence, you need to give information about the subject. This is called the “body” of the paragraph. In the body, you give examples about the topic, and you provide details. You might tell a story in the body, you might give your reasons for your opinion, or you might provide numbers, facts, and statistics.


Look again at the sample topic sentences below. The body should include the information listed below each sentence:

My grandfather had more stories than a children’s library.

· Give an example of some stories

· Describe how he told the stories

· Describe how these stories made you feel


When I was a child, I thought my grandfather was superman.

· Give some examples to explain this

· Did other people feel this way about him?

· Explain if you still feel like this, or if your opinion has changed.


I have always looked forward to seeing my grandfather.

· Give an example of why you looked forward to seeing him

· Describe your feelings when you were younger

· Describe your feelings now


As you can see, the body gives more information and answers questions about the topic sentence. Read the topic sentences below, and write sentences or questions to explain what information should be in the body of the paragraph.


Topic sentence: Although my pet cat sleeps all day long, I’m always glad that she is in my house.

Body: __________________________________________________



Topic sentence: My mother is an angel, always watching over me.

Body: __________________________________________________




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