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Practice Writing Topic Sentences

This ESL writing exercise gives presents students with several paragraphs, each of which is missing a topic sentence. The students must read the paragraphs, then come up with a suitable topic sentence for each one.

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Topic Sentences: Practice


Read the paragraphs below. They are missing a topic sentence. Write a topic sentence that introduces the main idea of each paragraph.


*Note: You do not have to use a simile or metaphor, but sometimes these are good ways to write interesting topic sentences.


__________________________________________________________. Who takes care of you? Who supports you? Who sees you grow up? Family is very important. My family has six people: my grandma, my parents, myself, and my two brothers. My grandma loves me very much. When the weather is cold, she always tells me to wear more clothes. Although I often argue with my brothers, they will give me support when I need it. My parents have taken care of me since I was born. My definition of family is an organization which is full of love.



When you travel to Europe, you can visit many different countries, such as England, Spain, Germany, and Greece. Many different languages are spoken in Europe, and the cultures of the countries are all unique. Also, the weather in Europe varies a lot. Countries in the north are very cold, and you can go skiing. In the south, there are beautiful beaches, and these are popular places for vacations. As you can see, Europe is a very interesting place with different kinds of people and many possibilities.



Her name is Mrs. Graham, and she not only teaches music in my school, but she is also a friend to all of her students. In class, she teaches us to love music, and she introduces us to different songs and styles of music. She taught me to play the piano and violin, and I am sure that I will enjoy playing these instruments for the rest of my life. Mrs. Graham often tells interesting stories in class, and she always helps us or gives us advice when we have problems. Mrs. Graham is more than just a music teacher, she is like a star in the sky.


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