ESL Sentence Patterns: Even if...


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Even if [A], [B]

If [A] happens, [B] will still happen.

Whether or not [A] happens, [B] will still happen.

[B] is true, regardless of [A]


· Even if I study all night, I’ll never be prepared for tomorrow’s test.

· You should try to exercise every day, even if you don’t feel like it.

· Even if I work two jobs, I still won’t be able to pay rent.

· Even if she is sick, Jane will want to play in the basketball tournament.

· Even if I wash my car, it still won’t look new.

· Even if I tell my parents the truth, they will be angry at me.

· Even if I had free time tomorrow, I wouldn’t want to go to the beach because it’s too cold outside!

· Even if we leave right now, we won’t be home in time to watch the baseball game on TV.

· Even if the world’s top scientists work 24 hours a day, it may be impossible to reverse the effects of global warming.

· Even if you’re an hour late to class, you will probably have enough time to finish the test.

Complete the sentences:

1. Even if I practice every day, _____________________________


2. Even if it’s a nice day tomorrow, _________________________


3. Even if his parents offer to buy him a car if he gets good grades, ______________________________________________________

4. Even if you take medicine, ______________________________


5. Even if I wake up earlier in the morning, ___________________


Write 4 more sentences using “even if”

1. ___________________________________________________________


2. ___________________________________________________________


3. ___________________________________________________________


4. ___________________________________________________________



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