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Idioms – K



Keep in touch

-      To keep “communicating’ (writing, calling, etc.), usually after someone moves far away



Keep your chin up

-      To keep confidence and not be sad or ashamed about something.



Keep your fingers crossed

Cross your fingers

-      We say this when we hope or wish for something to happen. (We cross our fingers when we hope or wish for a positive result – in a baseball game, in the lottery, or on a test, for example.)




Keep your shirt on

-      This means “calm down” or “don’t get so excited.”




Kill two birds with one stone

-      If you “kill two birds with one stone,” this means that you accomplish two tasks at the same time. (For example, if you go to a mall or department store, you can 1) get a haircut, and 2) buy some groceries.)




Knock ‘em dead

-      This is a funny way to say “Good luck” (similar to “Break a leg”).



Knock on wood

-      We “knock on wood” to hope for good luck or to hope for continued safety. (For example, if someone says, “I’ve never broken a bone before,” he might then add, “Knock on wood,” which means that he hopes to continue this pattern of good luck.)




Advice and Answers



Using the idioms, give advice or answers to these people:



Kyle: I heard that new comedy is in theaters now! Come on! Let’s skip class and go see it right now!!!







Ken: Sigh . . . I can’t believe Kristen broke up with me. . . Sigh . . . Now I’ll never get married.



Advice: _____________________________________________.




Kelly: I’ve been driving a car for 10 years, and I’ve never even had a small accident!



Advice: _____________________________________________.



Kurt: Bye mom! I’m going to go pitch in the baseball game!



Advice: _____________________________________________.



Kent: I hope the Red Sox beat the Yankees! Just three more strikes and they will win! Please! Please! Please!



Advice: _____________________________________________.



Katrina: I’m going to go away to college next week, so I probably won’t see you for a long time. . . .  








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