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Idioms – J



Jog my memory

-      If you “jog my memory,” this means that you help me remember something that I’ve forgotten.




Jump down someone’s throat

-      To yell at someone very angrily; to shout at someone for doing something that you don’t like.




Jump the gun

-      To do something too soon or too early. (This comes from racing, when runners must wait for the “gun” to start the race. If they start before the gun, then they start too early and they “jump the gun.”)




Just around the corner

-      If something is “just around the corner,” it will happen very soon.




Just off the boat

-      If someone is “just off the boat,” they don’t have enough experienced or they are new or naïve.




Just what the doctor ordered

-      If something is “just what the doctor ordered,” this means that it is exactly what is needed; the perfect thing for this situation.




Advice and Answers



Using the idioms, give advice or answers to these people:



Jill: You’ve been working so hard in the hot sun... Here, have this nice, refreshing glass of lemonade.







Jack: I haven’t seen my classmates for so long, I can’t remember what they look like.



Advice: Here, look at these pictures. Maybe they will __________.




Julie: You are so stupid! Why did you spill my tea! You are always so careless, you jerk!



Advice: Geez! Don’t __________________________________.





Now, fill in the blanks with suitable idioms:



Jenny just moved to Taiwan from the United States. Since she is ____________________, she relies on her friends to help her get around the city and find a job. Jenny’s birthday is ____________________, so her friend Jessica planned a surprise birthday party for her.  When Jenny came home from work on Monday, Jessica and her friends jumped out and yelled, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!”

Jenny was very surprised. “Um. . . It looks like you’ve ____________________,” she said. “My birthday is not until tomorrow!”


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