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Idioms – G



Game on!

-      You say this when you accept a challenge or a dare from someone.




Get something off your chest

-  When you get something off your chest, you talk about something that had been bothering you, but that you hadn’t told anyone yet.



Give (someone) a hand

-      To help someone do something, or

-      To applaud; clap after a performance




Give (someone) a piece of your mind

-      When you give someone a piece of your mind, you yell at someone or tell someone why you are very angry at him/her.



(Take it with a) grain of salt

-      Don’t take it seriously; don’t necessarily believe it, because it’s not necessarily true



(It’s all) Greek to me

-      This means that you don’t understand something at all (like it’s written in Greek).



Grin and bear it

-      To “bear” means to “endure,” so if you “grin and bear” something, that means that you accept something that you don’t like without complaining.


Advice and Answers



Using the idioms, give advice or answers to these people:



Gail: I have to sit next to Geoff in Geography class, and he always talks to me. He’s nice, but sometimes he can be really annoying!







Greg: Frank said that the restaurant is giving away free food all week!



Advice: Frank always says things like that; ________________




George: John just hit your little sister! What are you going to do?






John: I heard that you hit my sister! You’re a jerk! Do you want to fight me?








Now, fill in the blanks with suitable idioms:



Gen called her friend Grace because Gen had a problem and she needed to ____________________. “I took the math test today,” said Gen. “I tried really hard, but I didn’t study for it, so _______________________.”

“Do you want me to ____________________?” asked Grace.

“That would be great!” said Gen.

So Grace started clapping. Gen hung up the phone, angry.


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