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Idioms – F




(a) Face only a mother could love

-      This is a funny way to say that a person is very ugly.




Failure is the mother of success

-  People must fail before they can reach success. Failure leads to success.



Few and far between

-      If something is “few and far between” this means that it happens only occasionally and not often.




First come, first served

-      This means that the first people to arrive are the first people who get to eat (or participate in something).





For kicks

-      Just for fun (“I’m not a professional basketball player. I just play for kicks.”)




From rags to riches

-      If someone goes “from rags to riches,” this means that they start life poor and become rich.




Full of hot air

-      If you say someone is “full of hot air” this means that you don’t believe them.



Advice and Answers



Using the idioms, give advice or answers to these people:



Frank: I taught my dog how to talk, and I have conversations with it all the time.







Fiona: Oh no! I didn’t get into a good school! Now I’ll never be able to be a doctor!







Fred: Hey! I’m older than him! I should get to eat first!








Now, fill in the blanks with suitable idioms:



When Phil was young, his friends liked to tease him because he looked different and was poor. They said he had a _______________________ and they hit him every day just _______________________. Not many people liked Phil, and his friends were _______________________. All of that changed when Phil got older. His mother taught him that _______________________, so he worked hard and went _______________________. Now, he is wealthy and successful, and no one picks on him anymore!



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