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Idioms – E



(To) each his own

-      Everyone has his/her own preferences; not everyone likes the same things.



The early bird gets the worm

-  If you start early, you have a better chance of success; it’s good to get an early start.



Easier said than done

-      This means that it is very easy to say something than to actually do it.




Easy come, easy go

-      This means that when you get something (especially money) very easily or without hard work, then it is easy to spend it or lose it very easily and quickly, too.




Every cloud has a silver lining

-      This means that every bad situation also brings opportunities or good situations. We often say this to comfort people and make them feel better.




Eyes are bigger than one’s stomach

-      We say this if someone orders or prepares a lot of food because they are hungry (their “eyes are big”) but they are unable to finish eating it all.







Advice and Answers


Using the idioms, give advice or answers to these people:


Mickey: I’m going to graduate from college, get a job, make a lot of money, get famous, marry a beautiful actress, and then retire on a beach in France!






Mom: What’s wrong, Stanley? You didn’t finish your dinner!






Sandy: My grandmother gave me 100 dollars for my birthday last week, and I already spent all of it!






Now, look at the advice given, and think of a situation that would cause someone to give that advice:


John: _____________________________________________






Advice: The early bird gets the worm!



Julie: ______________________________________________






Advice: Easier said than done!


Jason: _____________________________________________






Advice: To each his own.


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