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Idioms – D



Dead to the world

-      If someone is “dead to the world,” they are unaware of what is happening around them and not paying attention.



Deer in headlights

-  We say someone looks like a “deer in headlights” if they are so surprised, shocked, or scared that they cannot respond, move, or speak. They look “frozen,” like a deer in a car’s headlights.



(A) Dime a dozen

-      This means that something is too common or cheap, so that a dozen would only cost a dime.



Don’t cry over spilled milk

-      Don’t worry about things that you can’t fix.



Don’t give up your day job

-      This is a funny way to tell someone that they are very bad at doing something (such as singing or playing sports).




Don’t hold your breath

-      Don’t get excited about something happening, because it probably won’t happen.




Don’t judge a book by its cover

-      Don’t judge things or people by how they look. Instead, get to know them better before making an opinion.



Drive someone up the wall

-      To annoy or irritate someone. (“Stop making that noise! You’re driving me up the wall!!!)



Advice and Answers



Using the idioms, give advice or answers to these people:



David: I don’t like that new student. His hair is strange, and he looks weird.







Dana: I heard that they might cancel school tomorrow because of the weather!







Derek: Why are you in a bad mood?

Dan: Because my computer crashed yesterday and I lost all of my work!



Advice to Dan:_________________________________________




Debbie: Listen! I learned how to sing that new song! “La, la la la, la la la la laaaaaaaa…”








Now, fill in the blanks with suitable idioms:



Dustin didn’t get enough sleep last night, so he is really ____________________ today. Every time I talk to him, he forgets what he is saying. The teacher asked him a math question in class and he looked like a ____________________.  I hope he gets some good sleep tonight, because he’s ____________________ and I don’t want to be around him when he’s like this. Friends are ____________________; I can always find more.



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