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Idioms – B



Back to square one

-      start over; back to the beginning


Bark up the wrong tree

-      Looking for information in the wrong place; asking the wrong person

Be careful what you wish for

-  When you wish (or hope) for something, it may not be as good as you think – there may be negative consequences that you hadn’t thought of.

Beggars can’t be choosers

-      If you beg (or ask) for a thing or a favor, then you shouldn’t complain about what you get.


Better late than never

-      It’s better to do something late than to not do it.


Better safe than sorry

-      It’s better to be cautious (careful) than to take a risk that you might regret.

Bite your tongue!

-  Don’t say something that might be rude or inappropriate – keep the words in your mouth, and don’t let them out!

Break a leg!

-      This is a (funny) way to say “Good luck” – we usually say it to someone before a performance or contest.


Idiom Advice


Using the idioms, give advice to these people:


Tom: I really want to drive to my girlfriend’s house, but there’s a typhoon right now and it’s quite dangerous outside.





Julie: My brother is so mean! He just kicked me and threw water in my face! I hope he gets hit by a car!





Iris: Mom, can I have 20 dollars?

Mom: Absolutely not.

Iris: Pleeeeeease! I need to buy a new cell phone!

Mom: No way.

Iris: But Mommmm. . . all my friends have new cell phones!

Mom: Too bad.


Advice to Iris_____________________________________________________



Now, look at the advice given, and think of a situation that would cause someone to give that advice:


William: _______________________________________________






Advice: It’s better late than never!



Rita: _________________________________________________






Advice: Break a leg!


David: ________________________________________________






Advice: Bite your tongue!


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