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Dialogue: Arrival!

Jimmy and his mother’s airplane just landed.


Yay! We’re here! Now we can go see Grandma!


Not yet. First we have to go to baggage claim.


Awww. . . . baggage claim takes forever! Will Grandma pick us up?


No, sorry Jimmy. After we get our bags we have to find ground transport and take a taxi to Grandma’s house.




I know, it’s a pain. Just be patient – we’ll be there soon!


Do we have to go through security again?


Nope! You don’t have to go through security when you arrive. Only when you depart.


Can we get some food before we go to Grandma’s house?


But you just ate on the plane! I thought you were eager to go see Grandma?!


I am, but the plane food tasted like cardboard. I need to get some real food.


Well, why don’t we take our luggage to Grandma’s house first, and then we can all go out and eat together.


(sigh) Okay. I thought travelling was supposed to be fun!


Travelling can be a little stressful, but we’re going to have a great time on vacation!



baggage claim
– the place in the airport where you get your luggage, after your plane lands.

ground transport – cars, buses, and other vehicles that drive “on the ground” (instead of in the air or on the water).

taxi – a car (usually a yellow car) that you pay money to take you somewhere.

a pain – if something is “a pain” it is annoying or difficult and you don’t want to do it.

patient – being calm and waiting without getting angry.

arrive – to get to your destination (the place you are going to).

depart – to leave a place and begin travelling to your destination; (the opposite of “arrive”).

eager – to be excited to do something (also: “looking forward to”)

cardboard – a kind of hard, thick, brown paper, often used to make boxes. (If you say “the food tastes like cardboard”, this means that the food does not have much flavor and is not very good.)

stressful – if something is “stressful”, it makes you feel a lot of stress.


Fill in the blanks with a vocabulary word in the box below.







baggage claim

a pain


1. I prefer to take a bus, because it is cheaper than taking a ________.

2. James can’t wait for Christmas vacation because he is      _______________ to go on vacation with his family.


3. Moving to a new house can be very _______________. People often get in arguments during this time.


4. I can’t stand travelling to other countries! Going through customs is such _______________!


5. I need to make a sign for the garage sale. Can you help me find a large piece of _______________ to write on?


6. After we go through _______________, we can get a taxi.


7. This flight from New York to London _______________ on Friday morning and _______________ on Friday evening.


8. Don’t cut in front of other people in line. You need to stand still and be _______________.


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