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Vocabulary: In the Airport

When you go to the airport, you first need to check in. Find your airline, then go to the check-in counter. For international flights, you are required to present your passport, but for domestic flights only a photo ID is required. When you booked your ticket, you probably got a confirmation number. You should show this too, just in case. The airline agent will ask if you want to check luggage or if you only have carry-on luggage. You should check your large luggage, but you can carry smaller suitcases on the plane. After the agent gives you your boarding passes, you can go through security.


check in
– to get your boarding passes (tickets) and check your luggage

counter – the desk or place where you do business (check in, pay money, etc.)

present – to show and give something to someone

domestic – within the country

international - outside of the country

photo ID – an official ID with a photo (such as a driver’s license or passport)

confirmation number – the number you get when you buy a ticket

agent – the person at the check-in counter who works for the airline

check luggage – to put your (larger) suitcases in the bottom of the airplane

carry-on luggage – smaller bags that you can carry on the plane (small suitcases, backpacks, pursues, etc.)

boarding passes – your ticket, which you must have to get on the plane

security – the part of the airport where they inspect passengers’ bags and make sure that they don’t have any weapons or anything illegal



Just in case
– You say “just in case” when you know there might be a problem in the future and you do something to prepare for this problem. (For example: “I don’t know if it will rain today, but I will bring an umbrella just in case.”)


Fill in the blanks with a vocabulary word in the box below.



confirmation number

domestic agent



boarding passes

security check


1. The airline agent will give you your _____________ when you check in.


2. This is an _______________ flight, so you will need to bring your passport.


3. When I went through _______________, they told me I couldn’t take my pocket knife on the plane.


4. Please wait in line for the next available ________________.


5. After I paid for my plane ticket, the travel agent gave me a __________________.


6. Many _______________ airlines do not have international flights.


7. You can buy a ticket at the _______________ if you don’t have one.


8. My suitcase was too big, so I had to _______________ it.


9. When you go through security, they might ask you to ___________ your passport and boarding pass.


10. We need to _______________ before we can go through security.



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