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Vocabuilder: The Legal System


arson – using fire to destroy something

assassination – killing a leader or important person (usually for political reasons)

assault – attacking or intentionally hurting another person

bribery – paying money to influence a government official

burglary – breaking into a house or building, usually to steal something (one kind of “theft”)

embezzlement – stealing from an employer (one kind of “theft”)

forgery – writing another person’s signature (on a contract or check, for example)

fraud – lying or making a false statement that causes harm to another person

hijacking – taking control of an airplane or other vehicle by force

kidnapping – taking a person (often a child) and demanding money

manslaughter – killing another person without premeditation (without planning)

murder – killing another person with premeditation (with planning)

perjury – lying when testifying in court

pick-pocketing – stealing money by taking it from other people’s pockets (one kind of “theft”)

robbery – using force or threats to directly steal money from another person (one kind of “theft”)

shoplifting – stealing items from a store

smuggling – sneaking illegal items from one country to another country

terrorism – using threats or violence against innocent people for political/religious reasons

theft – stealing from others (includes burglary, embezzlement, pick-pocketing, robbery, etc.)

trespassing – going onto another person’s property without permission

vandalism – destroying another person’s property


Vocabuilder: The Legal System







embezzlement forgery manslaughter




Fill in the blanks below with words from the box above.

1. The person who broke into a house and stole a TV was convicted of ___________.

2. The woman who lied on her income tax forms was charged with ___________.

3. The men who used knives to take over an airplane were guilty of ___________.

4. The man who attacked me and hit me over and over was convicted of ___________.

5. The woman who stole money from her employer was charged with ___________.

6. The businessman who offered money to the politician is being accused of ___________.

7. The person who got in a fight with his friend and killed him committed ___________.

8. The man who burned down his house for the insurance money is charged with insurance fraud and ___________.

9. The person who took my children and demanded that I pay $1,000,000 was convicted of ___________.

10. I signed my mom’s name on one of her checks, so I was charged with ___________.

11. The man who shot the president was convicted of ___________.


Vocabuilder: The Legal System



perjury pick-pocketing theft





trespassing vandalism



Fill in the blanks below with words from the box above.



1. The person who lied in court was charged with __________.

2. The man who stole people’s money in the train station was accused of __________.

3. The man who used a gun to steal people’s money in the park was convicted of _________.

4. Robbery, burglary, and pick-pocketing are all kinds of __________.


5. The juvenile who painted his name on my neighbor’s house was charged with __________.

6. The woman who stole cigarettes from the convenience store was convicted of __________.

7. The men who hijacked the plane and flew it into the church were guilty of __________.

8. The person who killed his boss after planning for several weeks is being charged with __________.


9. The woman who tried to take drugs into Brazil was convicted of __________.

10. The kids who were playing on my lawn were acquitted of __________ because there was not enough evidence to convict them.

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