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Advanced Vocab List 19










out of the blue





break it in

1. My grandfather said that he _______________ rap music because, in his words, “It’s just noise. It’s not real music.”

2. The government is giving _______________ to people who install solar energy panels on the roof of their house. The government will pay 10% of the total cost.

3. The protesters used violence to protest the war, which seems like a _______________.

4. The little girl is an _____________; her parents died when she was very young.

5. The _______________ dictator will kill anyone who doesn’t obey him.

6. My leather jacket is a little stiff. Hopefully it will be more comfortable after I _______________.

7. We love eating at the Mexican restaurant because they offer unlimited free chips and ____________.

8. With hard work and perseverance, Leo was able to _______________ his dream of becoming a famous drummer.

9. Karen _______________ her free time to volunteering at the orphanage.

10. The _______________ customer complained to the manager after the waitress spilled water on him.

11. This is _______________ an English-speaking country, though an increasing percentage of the population speak Spanish as their first language.

12. Angela was fired from her job last week. When her boss told her the bad news, it came completely _______________. She didn’t expect it at all.

13. I am _______________ to complete the last stage of this video game before I go to bed!

14. Harvard University has very strict _______________ in deciding who is allowed to enter the school.

15. I bought my new camera through an online _______________. My winning bid was $200, which is almost $100 less than the price of a new one in stores.

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