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Advanced Vocab List 18









by no means




1. The singer’s new CD ____________ a lot of really good songs.

2. John always accomplishes his goals. His ____________ is, “Never give up.”

3. Although the intermediate level test is harder than the beginner level test, it is _____________  too difficult for you.

4. Yesterday Angela had straight hair, but today it’s curly. She must have gotten a ____________.

5. After he won the election, Brian _______________ the crowd of supporters.

6. This nervous disorder can leave half of the face paralyzed for weeks. It seems to occur ______________; doctors don’t know what causes it.

7. Your research paper is too long. I want them to be less than 50 pages, but yours is 60 pages long. You need to ____________ it before you hand it in.

8. A man died last night when his car _____________ with a train.

9. It takes a lot of _______________ to play the drums. Your two hands and two feet must all move independently.

10. Martha had a hard time _____________ with the death of her husband. She was depressed for months.

11. Some primitive tribes still ____________ the sun as their god.

12. Aaron was arrested when he through a glass bottle down and ____________ it near the police officer’s feet.

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