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Advanced Vocab List 17













1. We need to call the plumber. The sink is ______________ again.

2. The teacher _______________ the students’ suggestions to make the class more enjoyable.

3. Shelly is in a bad mood because her boyfriend broke up with her. You should go over there and give her a nice _______________. Tell her her hair looks nice. It will make her feel better.

4. Single mothers have to _______________ with the pressures of raising a child and working full-time.

5. My mother is _______________ protective. She won’t even let me walk down the street by myself.

6. You can always see a lot of _______________ on the sidewalks in Boston. It is known as a great “walking city.”

7. Solar energy is good because, in contrast to fossil fuels, it is ___________.

8. I plan to _______________ in English in the university because I want to be an English teacher.

9. The patient just got out of surgery. She is not _______________ yet. Come back in an hour and you can see her.

10. Urban _______________ has threatened the survival of many endangered species.

11. After the fire destroyed his house, Bill’s neighbors helped him _______________ it.

12. After I graduate from the university, I plan to go to graduate school so I can get a  _______________ degree.

13. Write one sentence with “#-fold” (two-fold / five-fold / twenty-fold, etc.):



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