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Vocabulary Review

Test your memory! Try to fill in the blanks below, without looking back at the words.

When you are buying plane tickets for your vacation, you have many options. You can buy the tickets directly from the __________, or you can go to a ____________________ and speak to a ____________________who will help you find the best __________. Many people prefer ____________________ such as Travelocity, Expedia, or Orbitz, where they can compare prices, __________ flights and hotels, and even __________a rental car.

You can sometimes find cheaper tickets if you travel as part of a ____________. A travel agent can help you buy a ____________________, which includes your flight, hotel, meals, activities and entertainment. The tour group ____________all of the activities, and the members of the tour group ____________________ to famous ____________________together. Many people like travelling this way, but others prefer to be more and ____________________.


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