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airline – an ‘airplane company’

travel agent – a person who helps other people buy plane tickets and arranges travel plans for people

travel agency – a company that helps people arrange their travel plans. (travel agents work in travel agencies)

online travel agency – a travel agency that is on the Internet

deal(s) – special prices; cheap prices; sales

book - to arrange a time or buy a ticket for something (flight, hotel, train, bus, etc.)

flight – a trip on an airplane (‘fly’ is a verb; ‘flight’ is a noun)

reserve – to book; to keep something aside so you can use it later

rental car – a car that you pay for to use for a short time

tour group – a group of people that go on vacation together

package deal – a kind of ‘deal’ that includes many different things purchased together (such as flight, hotel, and meals).

arrange – to prepare, set up, organize

go sightseeing – when on vacation, to go to the most interesting places and take pictures

tourist sites – places that many tourists like to go (tourists are people who are on vacation in a place)

independent – doesn’t need other people’s help, can take care of yourself


strike out on your own - to leave a group of people and go do something that you want to do, by yourself



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