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Advanced Vocab List 5

distinct (adjective) – easy to see, different from others

The thief left distinct fingerprints in the house.

Stinky tofu has a distinct flavor; I can smell it from far away.


distinction (noun) – difference, what makes something special

There’s almost no distinction between a McDonald’s in Taiwan and a McDonald’s in the US.


distinguish (from) (verb)– to tell the difference, see the difference between two things

That fake diamond looked so real! I couldn’t distinguish it from the real thing.

I only speak English, so it’s hard for me to distinguish Chinese from Taiwanese.


set (it) apart (from) (verb) -- to be different than others because of a special characteristic

The legal gambling sets Las Vegas apart from other major cities.

All the night markets are good, but the snacks at 小北 really set it apart from other night markets.



conduct (verb) – to direct, manage, or control

It’s hard to conduct class when all the students are speaking at the same time.

Please don’t go in that room. They’re conducting a meeting right now.


conduct (noun) – behavior

Spitting on the floor is inappropriate conduct in this school!



sentiment (noun) – message or emotion, usually sweet or romantic

This greeting card has the perfect sentiment inside!

I agree with your sentiments about the movie. ( I agree with your opinion / feeling. )



cozy (adjective) – comfortable, comfy

This sofa is cozy.

I know my apartment is small, but it’s so cozy that I don’t want to leave.



observe (verb) – to watch attentively

I observed some strange fish when I went snorkeling in Kenting.

The principal will observe our class today.



discourse (noun) –discussion, long conversation, often dealing with a specific topic.

We had an excellent discourse with the professor about Greek history.

This book contains a famous discourse between two philosophers.

Advanced Vocab List 5 – Review Quiz

_______________PART 1_______________










1. A _______________ is not a complete sentence.

2. The professor enjoys having _______________ with his students.

3. My grandmother gave me a birthday card with a very nice _______________ inside.

4. There are many medical _______________ in a medical dictionary.

5. My This sofa is very old, but I like it because it’s so _______________.

6. Please quiet down! I’m trying to _______________ class!

7. You can _______________ famous paintings in a museum.

8. A _______________ sentence occurs when two sentences are put together with incorrect punctuation.


_______________PART TWO_______________





set it apart


1. Jane and Lily are twins, but I know which one is Jane because her hairstyle is very _______________.

2. Jane’s hairstyle _______________ her from her sister.

3. The Nintendo Wii has a special controller which really _______________ from other game systems.

4. Their hairstyles are the only _______________ between them.

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