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Advanced Vocab List 4

Diverse (adj.) – having many different kinds of something; having many different races of people

My neighborhood is quite diverse – there are Asians, Americans, and Africans living together.

There’s an abundant supply of diverse fruits at the supermarket.

Diversity (noun) – variety, having many different kinds or races

I’m surprised by the diversity of this student’s writing; she always has many different and distinct ideas.

I live in a diverse neighborhood because I think diversity is very interesting.

Complacent (adj.) – not caring about mistakes, lazy, careless

He got fired from his job because he was too complacent – he always went to work late and didn’t work hard.

My father is too complacent with his life, just watching TV all day and sleeping.  He doesn’t have any goals.

Affluent (adj.) – rich, wealthy, well-off

Rent is very expensive in the affluent neighborhoods.

My uncle is an affluent banker.

Riot (noun or verb) – when many angry people fight in the streets

There were riots after the government raised taxes.

Students are rioting in Taipei today because they want a new government.

Essential (adj.) – necessary, needed, something that a situation must have

Good grades are essential if you want to go to a good college.

Eating fruits and exercising are essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Harsh (adj.) – very severe (punishment) or very strict (rules)

The thief got the death penalty yesterday, and his family feels that the punishment was too harsh.

Students are rioting today because they disagree with the harsh laws.

Flourish(ing) (verb) – growing, getting bigger and healthier

Taiwan’s economy is flourishing because everyone is working very hard.

Lions are flourishing in Africa because food is so abundant.

Advanced Vocab List 4 - Review Quiz









1. Mangoes _______________ in Taiwan, so they are very _______________ right now.

2. I like living in a _______________ city like Hong Kong because you can meet many different kinds of people.

3. Vegetables are an _______________ part of a healthy diet.

4. Only _______________ people can afford to buy an authentic Rolex watch.

5. There’s a violent ________________ in Taipei because many people are angry at the president.

6. In college you will receive very _______________ punishment if you are caught cheating.

7. My father is so _______________ that even though there’s a riot outside, he’s just calmly watching TV.

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