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Explanations of several "put" phrasal verbs, with a printable worksheet.

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“Put” Phrasal Verbs - Definitions

put (x) down: 1) to kill an animal that is sick or injured
2) to insult someone

· We had to put down our pet dog because it was very old and suffering from cancer.

· My girlfriend always puts me down in front of my friends. I don’t think she respects me.


put (x) off: to postpone; to do something at a later time instead of doing it now

· I should do some work now, but I guess I can put it off until tomorrow morning.

· Do we need to go to the grocery store right now? Can’t we put it off for another day or two?


put (x) out: 1) to disturb or ask a big favor of someone
2) to extinguish a fire (to put water on a fire until it is “out”)

· I hope I’m not putting you out, but could I borrow your car this weekend?

· If it's a problem to help me paint my house, don’t worry about it. I don’t want to put you out.

· Luckily, my neighbor helped me put out the small fire, so my house didn’t burn down.


put (x) up: to let someone stay in your house for a short period of time

· Would you put me up for a couple days when I come visit you? Are you sure? I don’t want to put you out…

· James put me up in his spare bedroom while I was looking for an apartment that I could afford.



put up with:  to tolerate something or someone that you don’t really like

· I don't know why you put up with your boyfriend. He treats you like you're his servant!

· I can't put up with this stupid job anymore. I quit!



“Put” Phrasal Verbs - Worksheet


Fill in the blanks with the correct words to complete these “put” phrasal verbs.

1. Patrick: I’m coming to visit you in Boston next month. Do you think you could ______ me ______ for a few days? I can’t really afford a hotel.

Zack: Of course! That’s what friends are for!

Patrick: Are you sure I won’t be __________ you ______?

Zack: It’s no problem at all.

2. Craig’s brothers always make fun of him and ______ him ______, so he has low self-esteem.

3. I don’t know how my parents _______ _____ _____ me when I was a teenager. I was always yelling at them and sneaking out of the house. I must have driven them crazy!

4. Luckily, the firefighters were able to _______ ________ the fire before it got too big and completely destroyed the house.

5. We can’t afford the surgery that our pet dog needs, so we might have to ______ him ______.

6. I’m too tired to finish my math homework tonight. I’ll have to ______ it _______ until tomorrow before school.


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