ESL Phrasal Verbs

Explanations of several of the most common phrasal verbs (mixed).

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Mixed Phrasal Verbs (1) - Definitions

call (x) off: to cancel

  • My teacher called off class today because she is sick.
  • School was called off because of the hurricane.


cheer (someone) up: to stop being sad or unhappy

  • I know you’re sad that your boyfriend broke up with you, but you need to cheer up and go out there and start dating again!
  • After his favorite team lost the World Series, it took Brad weeks to cheer up.



cut (it) out: to stop doing something that is unfair or annoying

  • Jason! Cut it out! I can’t concentrate on my homework if you keep yelling!
  • Mary and I were talking during class, and the teacher told us to cut it out or else we would have to stay after class.


do (x) over: to repeat something; to do something again

  • My mom is not happy with the color of the living room, so she’s asking the painter to do it over.



drop by / stop by: to briefly visit a place or a person

  • Mr. Smith dropped by our house last night to return the shovel that he had borrowed.
  • Could you stop by the post office after and mail a letter for me?


drop out: to quit school

  • Michael dropped out of college after he had already completed three years! I’m sure he will regret that one day.

Mixed Phrasal Verbs (1) - Worksheet


Fill in the blanks with the correct words to complete these phrasal verbs.

1. My dad got laid off work last week because his company’s sales have fallen off recently. We’re taking him out to dinner tonight to try to _________ him _________.


2. Hey! I’m talking to your teacher on the phone! I can’t hear when you two are making so much noise! Will you please __________ it __________?!


3. Jake didn’t have enough money to pay for school. He tried to work full-time to help pay his tuition, but he eventually had to ________ ________ of school because he just didn’t have enough time.


4. Mandy decided to __________ __________ the wedding when she caught her boyfriend kissing another girl.


5. I had almost finished writing my essay for English class when my brother spilled his soda all over my paper. Now I have to __________ it ___________!


6. We’re going to __________ __________ the hospital after work and visit Aunt May, who is having surgery tomorrow.


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