ESL Grammar

Review of Adjectives and Adverbs

In this ESL grammar exercise, students must identify adjectives (and the nouns the modify) as well as adverbs (and the verbs they modify).

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Adjective or Adverb?




1.) Underline each adjective and draw and arrow to the noun that it modifies.


2.) Circle each adverb and draw an arrow to the verb it modifies.




1. The test was difficult so I wrote the answers quickly.




2. The red car can go fast.




3. The fast car is red.




4. He translates accurately but he speaks too quickly.




5. I write more slowly than Jane, but Jane’s words are messy.




6. The fat cat quietly ran across the dirty floor.




7. She correctly answered the easy questions, but she incorrectly answered the hard ones.




8. The beautiful dancer moves gracefully in a cute dress.




9. She dances terribly and her voice is horrible.




10. Speak softly and carry a big stick.



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