ESL Grammar Worksheets

Tense Review Quiz

(Present / Past / Future / Present Continuous Tenses)

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Tense Review (2)



Write a verb to complete each sentence – Make sure you write the correct tense!



1. Derek __________ video games last night.



2. Wendy and Jason ______________ to the dentist tomorrow afternoon.



3. Ted _______________ a book right now, so please don’t bother him.



4. I forgot to bring a pencil. Can I ___________ yours?



5. My family and I __________ at an expensive restaurant last night.



6. We didn’t __________ a test yesterday.



7. If it stops raining, then I __________ outside.



8. Julie __________ a movie with her friends tomorrow night.



9. Tammy __________ soccer with her friends yesterday.



10. Look! Those two boys __________________!



11. Sam __________ his homework every night.



12. Chris and Steve __________ their homework every night.



13. My mother __________ me my allowance yesterday, so now I can go shopping!



14. I __________ to school yesterday because I was sick.



15. Teacher! Dan and Mike __________! Can you please tell them to be quiet?



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