ESL Grammar Worksheets

Tense Review Quiz

(Present / Past / Future / Present Continuous Tenses)

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Tense Review (1)

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb.




Daniel _______________ a snack every afternoon.


Tammy _______________ stinky tofu yesterday.


Jane is _______________ a snack right now.





Mark is _______________ to school right now.


I didn’t _______________ to school yesterday.


Grace _______________ to school every Monday morning.


Antony _______________ to school yesterday.





We _______________ home from school every day.


Stephanie _______________ two hundred km last night, so she is very tired.


Annie is _______________ home right now.






Willy and John are _______________ their homework right now.


Lynn _______________ her homework after school last night.


Maryanna _______________ her homework in her bedroom every night.




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