ESL Grammar Exercises

Review of Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense

In this ESL grammar worksheet, students must choose the correct verb form (present tense or present continuous tense) to complete each sentence.

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Present Continuous Tense (4)


Is it Present Tense or Present Continuous Tense?

Choose the correct verb tense in parentheses to complete each sentence.


1. Look! The cat _______________ a mouse! (eats/is eating)


2. Jane and Lily _______________ to school every day. (go/are going)



3. Can you please be quiet? I ______________ my homework. (write/am writing)



4. David can’t talk on the phone because he ______________. (sleeps/is sleeping)



5. Melissa usually ___________________ piano after school. (practices/is practicing)



6. Trees _________________ water and sunlight. (need/are needing)



7. Stanley always _________________  me a pencil. (lends/is lending)



8. Quentin _________________, but he will finish soon. (runs/is running)




9. Look! Those two boys ___________________! (fight/are fighting)

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