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Negative Sentences

In this ESL grammar worksheet, students practice making negative present tense sentences using "don't" or "doesn't".

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Present Tense (4)



You can also talk about things you don’t like or don’t want in the Present Tense. When the subject is He, She, or It, don’t changes to doesn’t, (but then you don’t add –s to the verb).







don’t like

don’t want

don’t go

don’t need

ice cream.

to go to school.

to church.

more pencils.




doesn’t like

doesn’t want

doesn’t need

ice cream.

to play soccer.

more food.



Write don’t or doesn’t to complete each sentence below.



1. My mother __________ want to go shopping today.



2. Tom and Mike __________ have to go to school today.



3. Mary __________ feel good today, so she __________ have to go to school.



4. My pet dog __________ live in our house.



5. Dogs and cats __________ get along well.



6. If he __________ have a map, he won’t know where to go.



7. That mountain __________ have any snow.



8. We __________ need to clean our room today.



9. Lori __________ go to school on Sundays.


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