ESL Grammar

Relative Clauses with "Where", "When" and "Whose"

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You already learned about relative clauses with that, which, and who.

You can also use the words where, when, and whose.


Use “where” if you are talking about a place:

  • This is the park where I met my girlfriend. (A “park” is a place.)
  • That is the bank where I keep my money. (A “bank” is a place.)


Use “when” if you are talking about a time:

  • My father was born in 1945, when World War II was ending.
  • I grew up at a time when everyone was using the internet.


Use “whose” to show that the subject possesses something:

  • I hope my wife’s parents are rich.

-->I want a wife whose parents are rich.

  • I met that boy’s father last night.

--> That’s the boy whose father I met last night.



Fill in the blanks below with when, where, or whose.



I had a very interesting childhood. I grew up at a time __________ there were no cell phones or computers. I felt lucky to live on a farm, __________ I could play with animals and enjoy nature. Although I didn’t live in a city, I had many friends __________ came to my house often. My best friend Jason, __________ father worked with my father, came to my house every weekend. We liked to go to my basement, __________ we could play ping-pong or do puzzles. When I think about my childhood, it seems like a time __________ everything was perfect.

I am an adult now, and I have kept in touch with most of my old friends. Jason, __________ wife is a Senator, is a successful businessman. He told me that he enjoys working in a company __________ he can travel to different countries and meet different people. He is the kind of person __________ likes to come visit me suddenly, without telling me first. When we get together, we often talk about our childhood, a magical time __________ we could play all day and never get bored.




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