ESL Grammar

Introduction to Future Tense

In this ESL grammar exercise, students practice filling in the blanks with will+verb or won't+verb.

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Future Tense (2)


Write “will+verb” or “won’t+verb” to complete the following sentences.




1. Martha and Timmy _______________ to the park tomorrow night.


2. Vic and Tammy _______________ do their homework next week.


3. Walter _______________ piano after school.


4. Andrew _______________ to Italy in 2 weeks.


5. Gina _______________ with her friends next weekend.


6. I _______________ if you _______________.


7. Chris _______________ because he too tired.


8. Robert and Alan _______________ in an expensive restaurant tomorrow night.


9. Stephanie _______________ the class today because she is sick.


10. Brian _______________ with his friends next year.


11. Jennifer _______________ tennis with me tonight.


12. Gabe and Brooks _______________ their bicycles to the university.


13. Lily ________________ a difficult test tomorrow, so please don’t bother her when she is studying.

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