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Passive Voice (1)


Subject – Verb – Object is called Active Voice. However, sometimes the subject and the object can trade places. This is called the Passive Voice.



Active Voice: The dog bit the cat.

Passive Voice: The cat was bitten by the dog.



Active Voice: John wrote this novel.

Passive Voice: This novel was written by John.



To use the Passive Voice, you say:


Object + [Be Verb + Past Participle] + by + Subject


*Remember: the Be Verbs are am, is, are, was, and were.

*The passive voice is usually past tense, so we usually use was or were.



These sentences are in the Active Voice.

Rewrite them using the Passive Voice.



1. The dog ate the food. __________________________________



2. The car hit John. ______________________________________



3. Jenny wrote the letter. _________________________________



4. Julie answered the question. _____________________________



5. That boy stole the money. ______________________________



6. Many children took the test. _____________________________



7. Several people watched the new movie.







8. The poor children used the free computers.





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