ESL Grammar

Review of Adverbs

In this ESL grammar exercise, students must fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs.

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Adverbs (2)


Write an adverb in each blank to complete each sentence. (Each sentence should make sense!)



1. Rabbits can jump very _______________.



2. That baby is crying so _______________.



3. Jack drives too _______________, so the police officer gave him a ticket.



4. Please don’t talk so _______________. Some people are still taking a test.



5. The roads are very wet, so please drive _______________.



6. You are speaking too _______________; I can’t hear you!



7. After Jessica had a fight with her friend, she walked home





8. Wow! I didn’t know your sister could sing so __________.



9. My English teacher talks too _______________, so he is very hard to understand.



10. You should write your homework _______________ so you don’t make mistakes.


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