ESL Grammar

Introduction to Adverbs

In this ESL grammar exercise, students are introduced to adverbs that modify verbs, and they can practice identifying the adverbs (and the verbs they modify) in various sentences.

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Adverbs (1)


You know that adjectives are words that modify nouns.

Adverbs are words that can modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. In this section, we will focus on adverbs that modify verbs.


  • I run slowly. (“slowly” modifies “run.”)
  • He writes neatly. (“neatly” modifies “writes.”)
  • Please drive carefully. (“carefully” modifies “drive.”)


*Most (but not all) adverbs end in “-ly.”



Look at the sentences below. Can you find the adverbs? Circle the adverbs, and draw an arrow to the verbs that they modify.




1. Derek rides his bicycle very quickly.




2. Monica talks too quietly, so I can’t hear what she is saying.




3. I accidentally hit James, so I said I was sorry.




4. My mother drives very carefully because she doesn’t want to have another accident.




5. Wow! Henry sings beautifully!




6. The two girls are playing happily in the park.




7. Doris’ father angrily yelled at her last night.




8. We were walking slowly when it started to rain.




9. The teacher was angry because I wrote my homework carelessly.

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