A simple way game for reviewing material that will drive kids MAD!

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This is a great way to review vocabulary or material from previous classes. First, you must split the students into 2 teams. Then, choose one number (1-6) to be the BOMB!

Ask one student from each team to do a pre-designated task (like saying a sentence with a vocabulary word, spelling a word, etc.). If the student is able to do this correctly, they get to roll the dice. The number rolled is the number of points the student's team gets. However, if the student rolls the particular number that corresponds to the BOMB!, then his/her team loses all of its points.

Alternatively, instead of losing their points, you can say that when the bomb appears, the two teams will switch points!

It's excruciatingly simple. It can be used in every class. And younger students may go absolutely crazy when they roll the BOMB!







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