Writing as an Art Form, not a Chore

To many students, writing is an inherently boring and tedious task, and it can therefore be very difficult to inspire ESL students to put pen to paper. Writing is among the most unique and treasured art forms, yet in classroom settings it is often used to punish students for bad behavior.

It is not uncommon for teachers to require students to write 100 repeated sentences as a form of punishment. But this has the potential to quickly turn students off of writing and associate it with negativity. Imagine if a teacher were to punish students by requiring them to draw or paint pictures, or to use other art forms. Students would not even feel that they are being punished, because they instinctively enjoy drawing and painting. It should be the same way with writing, and it is therefore up to teachers to find ways to make writing a fun and rewarding process, rather than a tedious necessity or a punishment for bad behavior.

So how can teachers make writing classes more fun? Try bringing in writing activities or creative worksheets. Let students write silly stories or keep journals in order to get used to writing without the threat of deadlines or excessive criticism. Introduce your favorite authors, and show them that writing is an art form and a means of expression. Just as students enjoy speaking with each other and reading books, they should be able to enjoy the process of writing!

We have several ESL writing activities as well as printable ESL writing worksheets that can help you add a new spark to your writing classes!

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