ESL Conversation Activity: Dialogue Strips (Advanced)

You can use this activity in two ways:

  1. Cut out the dialogue strips (see samples below) and hand out one strip to each student. Students will then have to find 3 other people who fit into their dialogue.  You can do this in groups or as a class.  You can add to this activity by asking the students to add more sentences to make the dialogues longer. 
  2. The dialogues can also be used as a memorization activity.  Cut up the dialogues and pass one sentence out to each person in the group.  Give each of the students 1-2 minutes to memorize their sentences.  Collect the sentence strips, and have the students wander around, repeating their sentences to find the 3 other people who fit into their dialogue.

The students have to put the dialogues together only by saying the sentences.  They are not allowed to write the dialogues down.  When they think they have the correct order, they have to present them to the teacher or to the entire class.


Many more printable Dialogue Strips like these in The Great ESL Games Compendium!



Dialogue Strips - Sample by stickyball


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