ESL Flashcard Game: Phonics Hammer

This is a great way to review phonics or any other material that you have on flashcards.

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Directions: First, put the kids' desks in a circle. Then, give each kid a phonics flashcard and have them hold it up so everyone can see it clearly (we have many free, printable phonics flashcards here). You stand in the middle of the circle, holding a plastic hammer (you can also just use your hand). Choose one kid to start - he/she has to read one of the other kids' flashcards, and the person who has that flashcard must read another kids' flashcard, and so on. If you can hit the desk of the kid whose card has been read before he/she is able to read another card, then that kid comes to the circle, and you take his/her place. Kids always have a lot of fun with this game, and it can do wonders for their phonics ability.



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